Thursday, 7 April 2016

Changing Faces

Four days in and I've been learning so much about what beauty and makeup means to women across France! It seems that everyone has a 'look' that they wear and which makes them feel comfortable.

So I've been trying out a few of my own. Below are four pictures, one taken each day this week Monday-Thursday, and each using a different combination of makeup and hairstyles.

Which do you like?


Hair carefully curled with straighteners and pinned up both sides. Foundation, eyebrow pencil, liquid black eyeliner and light brown lipstick. Grey and cream knitted dress.


Hair pinned up on one side. Foundation, black liquid eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Retro silver-framed glasses and lime green knitted jumper with pencil skirt.


Hair in loose waves. Soft brown eyeliner, blush and brown lipliner with a gloss. Teal blue long-sleeved dress and silver necklace.


Hair in french plait (apparently here it's an African plait!). Foundation, concealer, dark violet eyeliner and mascara with a light green eyeshadow on the lash line... clear lip gloss. Sheer leopard print blouse with pencil skirt and gold necklace.